A number of methods exist which allow you to gather the data for your SkyView(s) together. There are explained here. Per method, there may be variations in the data transferred to your Dynon USB stick as explained below.

Available transfer methods:

  1. Using EasyVFR 4 on Desktop (Preferred method)
  2. Using EasyVFR 4 on Mobile (On the go method)
  3. Via your personal EFIS download webpage
  4. Via our Dropbox Delivery System
  5. Using the old EasyVFR 3 Desktop (legacy)

What avionics data will be downloaded for my SkyView?

  • Aviation and Obstacle datasets (All methods)
    • Our global dataset with airports, airspaces, frequencies, etc.
      Read more about data availability, quality, and coverage.
    • The Dataset consists of two files that will only load on your master SkyView panel.
  • New and Updated Approach plates (Methods 1, 2, 4)
  • Chart Key file (Methods 1, 3, 4)
    • Is needed to unlock any optional third-party charts on your panel.
  • Europe-wide EasyVFR 4 chart for Dynon (add-on)
  • Third-party Charts (add-on) (Methods 1, 3, 4)
    • Purchased at the EasyVFR 4 or PocketFMS webshop.
    • Can be used for EasyVFR 4 and, if you have an FFM licence, on your SkyView as well.