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Viewing airport plates on your SkyView

We're assuming you have already successfully filled your Dynon USB memory stick; how that's done is described here.

A SkyView panel does not have sufficient internal memory to hold the plates. The memory stick should therefore remain plugged in, or the plates will not be available.

For a two-panel setup, you’re allowed to copy the stick onto a second stick and insert that in your #2 panel. The #2 panel will authenticate with the master panel at system start via the Dynon network cable, and you will be able to use the plates on either panel.


    • Dynon SkyView HDX

      1. Insert your prepared Dynon USB memory stick into your SkyView panel.
      2. In your SkyView, just browse for info for an airfield:
        1. Tap at the moving map on the airfield location,
        2. Tap on [Info].
      3. Choose the [PLT] Tab:
        1. Select the preferred plate by tapping or scrolling,
        2. To view the plate, tap on the plate's image or select [View]
      4. In SkyView's VFR plate viewer, you can zoom and pan the plate. When georeferenced by EasyVFR you can see your current position on it.


Dynon SkyView Classic

Viewing the VFR plates works very similar to SkyView HDX. The only difference is that in order to see the [INFO] button at step 2.2, you first need to click on [MAP].

Another obvious difference is the screen quality, some plates and charts shown on a SkyView Classic will not show as sharp and readable as on an HDX.



Q: Some VFR approach charts appear black instead of white on my SkyView!
A: This was a known problem with the newer SkyView models running older firmware versions. Dynon fixed this in their 16.4.0 release,  see



If you run into problems while following the procedure, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Email us at [email protected] or use the blue "Ask the team" contact bubble at the bottom right of this page.

Please confirm that you have followed all the steps in the manual, inform us at which step you ran into problems, and share screenshots or a video so we can assist accordingly.