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Export VFR Plates to Dynon USB memory stick


  • Frequent Flyer Membership licence
    + optional: 3rd-party charts and plates add-ons. Shop.
  • EasyVFR 4 installed on desktop (Windows, macOS X, or macOS Catalina)
    Download and activate EasyVFR 4.
  • Internet connection.
  • USB memory stick, at least 16GB of storage.

Methode 1: Using EasyVFR 4 for desktop

1 - Register your SkyView

If you have not yet registered the serial number of your master SkyView panel you can now do this within EasyVFR 4.

  1. Go to Dynon SkyView Data Exchange within the EasyVFR 4 application:
    • EasyVFR 4 menu -> Downloads menu -> Dynon SkyView.
  2. Click in the top row "Your Dynon SkyView serial number" at "Tap to Add".
  3. Enter the five or six-digit serial number of your master SkyView panel.
    • If you have two panels installed, enter the one from your master panel.
    • To change the registered serial number, contact the support using the blue "Ask the Team" button on the bottom right of this page.

2 - Download/ Update

The data exchange center will automatically list all the products that you have purchased with us and are still valid.

  1. Go to Dynon SkyView Data Exchange within the EasyVFR 4 application:
    • EasyVFR 4 menu -> Downloads menu -> Dynon SkyView.
  2. Click on the Download button.
    • This will start the process of downloading all files you have access to, into the internal storage of EasyVFR 4.
    • After that, you can let EasyVFR 4 copy them to the USB memory stick. See step 3.
What avionics data will be downloaded for my SkyView?
  • Aviation and Obstacle datasets
    • Our global dataset. Read more about data availability, quality, and coverage.
    • The Dataset comes in two files that are uniquely encrypted for your registered master SkyView. ("av_data_..." and "ob_data_...").
  • New and Updated Approach plates
  • Chart Key file 
    • Is needed in order to unlock the optional 3rd party charts you have purchased.
  • Europe-wide EasyVFR 4 chart for Dynon (add-on)
  • 3rd party Charts (add-on)
    • Purchased at the EasyVFR 4 or PocketFMS webshop.
    • Can be used both for EasyVFR 4 and if you have the FFM licence at your SkyView as well

3 - Copy to the USB memory stick

  1. Insert your Dynon USB memory stick into your desktop.
  2. When not selected automatically, manually select the USB memory stick within Dynon SkyView Data Exchange (of step 2.1).
  3. Click on Copy to the memory stick button.
  4. On the question "Are you sure...", answer yes.
    • Depending on the number of updates needed and the countries selected the process can take a while. From a few minutes to two hours.
    • Once ready, a popup will appear. Your Dynon USB memory stick is now ready to be used in the SkyView.


Methode 2: Using EasyVFR 3.97 for desktop

For those who still run EasyVFR 3.97, the manual is available via this link:


View the VFR plates on your SkyView

A SkyView does not have sufficient memory to hold the plates. The memory stick should remain plugged in, or the plates will not be available.

For a 2-panel setup, you’re allowed to copy the stick onto a second stick and insert that in your #2 panel. The #2 panel will authenticate with the #1 panel at system start via the Dynon network cable, and you will be able to use the plates on either panel.

    • Dynon SkyView HDX

      1. Insert your prepared Dynon USB memory stick into your SkyView panel.
      2. In your SkyView, just browse for info for an airfield:
        1. Tap at the moving map on the airfield location,
        2. Tap on [Info].
      3. Choose the [PLT] Tab:
        1. Select the preferred plate by tapping or scrolling,
        2. To view the plate, tap on the plate's image or select [View]. 
      4. In SkyView's VFR plate viewer, you can zoom and pan the plate. When georeferenced by EasyVFR you can see your current position on it.


Dynon SkyView Classic

The process to prepare the USB memory stick for SkyView Classic is identical to SkyView HDX.

Viewing the VFR plates works almost similar to SkyView HDX. The only difference is that in order to see the INFO button at step 2.2 you first need to click on MAP.

Another obvious difference is the screen quality. Resulting in that some plates and charts shown on SkyView Classic, are not as sharp and readable compared to the HDX.



If you run into problems while following the procedure, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Email us at [email protected] or use the blue "Ask the team" contact bubble at the bottom right of this page.

Please confirm that you have followed all the steps in the manual, inform us at which step you ran into problems, and share screenshots or a video so we can assist accordingly.