• A Frequent Flyer Membership licence or Dynon Dataset-Only licence. Optional: third-party charts and airport plates add-ons. Shop.
  • EasyVFR 4 Mobile installed on an Android or iOS / iPadOS device. You can use the free of charge version if you do not have an FFM licence (EasyVFR 4 Essentials). Download and activate EasyVFR 4.
  • An Internet connection.
  • Your USB memory stick for Dynon, between 8 and 32 GB of storage. FAT32 format only.
  • An USB-A female to USB-C (*) male connector. We'll refer to it here as the USB connector.
    (*) Your device may not have a USB-C port so you might need a different male connector to connect your USB stick to your mobile device.

Instead of such a connector, you may want to acquire a combined USB-a/USB-c stick (e.g. DELOCK 54073). It's been reported to work fine, and you don't need an adapter/connector anymore.

USB Connector for iPad / iPhone with power support:
Google link.
USB Connector for Android:
Google link.

More information:


Using EasyVFR 4 Mobile (preferred method)

The mobile versions of EasyVFR 4 already have most of the data your SkyView needs. Therefore it's logical to have EasyVFR 4 fill your Dynon USB memory stick. Any data that should go to your SkyView will be downloaded automatically by EasyVFR 4, after which it copies everything to the USB stick you provide. Can't get more convenient! The process on a mobile device is very similar to the Desktop export method, but you need a tiny and affordable connector between your device and the USB stick.

1 - Register your SkyView

You can skip this step if you already registered your panel with us. If you haven't yet registered the serial number of your master SkyView panel you can do so now within EasyVFR 4. The master panel is the panel where you will connect your Dynon USB stick to. 

  1. Go to Dynon SkyView Data Exchange within the EasyVFR 4 app:
    • EasyVFR 4 menu -> Downloads menu -> Dynon SkyView.
  2. Click in the top row "Your Dynon SkyView serial number" at "Tap to Add".
  3. Enter the five or six-digit serial number of your master SkyView panel.
    • If you have two panels installed, enter the master panel number.
    • Data will only work on the panel you registered and one optional slave.
    • To change the registered serial number, contact Support using the blue "Ask the Team" button bottom-right of this page.

2 - Download / Update

The Dynon SkyView Data Exchange will automatically list and download all the products that you have purchased with us and are still valid.

  1. Go to Dynon SkyView Data Exchange within the EasyVFR 4 Mobile app (so on Android or iOS):
    • EasyVFR 4 menu -> Downloads menu -> Dynon SkyView.
  2. Click on the [Download] button.
    • This will start the process of downloading all files that are yours into the internal storage of EasyVFR 4. The first time downloading can take quite long; later downloads are considerably quicker.
    • When done, you can have EasyVFR 4 copy everything to your Dynon USB stick. See step 3 below.

3 - Copy everything to the Dynon USB stick

  1. Connect your Dynon USB memory stick to your mobile device running EasyVFR 4 Mobile via your USB connector.
  2. When not selected automatically, manually select the USB memory stick within the Dynon SkyView Data Exchange by pressing [Select USB Stick]. EasyVFR will inventory what's already on the USB stick, in order to determine what must be updated.
  3. Click the [Copy to USB stick] button.
  4. On the question "Are you sure...", answer [Yes].

Depending on the number of updates needed and the countries selected, the process can take a while from a few minutes to two hours. Once ready, a popup will appear. Your Dynon USB memory stick is now ready to be used in your SkyView. On most Android devices it is required that you unmount the USB stick before removing it, or Android will suggest you reboot your phone / tablet.



If you run into problems while following the procedure, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Email us at [email protected] or use the blue "Ask the team" contact bubble at the bottom-right of this page.

Please verify that you have followed all the steps in this manual, inform us at which step you ran into problems, and please share screenshots or a video so we can assist you appropriately.