Introducing EasyVFR tiers

Experience peace of mind with EasyVFR, your proactive co-pilot app that boosts situational awareness.

The free EasyVFR Essential app tier is relevant for every airspace user. Stay informed about changes on the clear, easy-to-read map, view on-map graphical NOTAMs and temporary airspaces, instantly access official airport, AIP & VFR information, and effortlessly plan and share routes.

EasyVFR is consistently updated,  providing essential features at no cost. For enhanced Situational Awareness, consider upgrading to our affordable plans. View real-time airspace activations on the map, connect with your preferred traffic receiver, and more! Navigate with confidence and precision!

Introducing SafeSky Internet Traffic

EasyVFR’s mission is to bring peace of mind to pilots through enhanced situational awareness. Keeping you informed about traffic that's beyond your line of sight is just one way we fulfill this commitment.

In collaboration with SafeSky,  surrounding traffic is shown directly on EasyVFR’s unapparelled clean navigation map.

With the SafeSky premium add-on, available in the EasyVFR shop, you’ll get all surrounding traffic from the SafeSky network embedded in your EasyVFR 4 app.

Traffic Types

Traffic position data of planes, gliders, helicopters, balloons, drones, trikes, and much more is presented on the moving map inside EasyVFR 4. And this is done using mobile internet only!

Data Sources

SafeSky obtains its traffic information data from more than 20 different sources and is rapidly and continuously adding more. All big sources are included, such as ADS-B, FLARM, Mode S, OGN,  Pilotaware, and the EasyVFR and SafeSky apps More unknown sources are also included,  such as the apps for unmotorized pilots and drones that were traditionally hidden, “making the invisible visible”.

Data Processing

All traffic data is processed by the SafeSky servers and broadcasted on the internet to be received by your mobile navigation device.


Only a weak internet connection is required to receive SafeSky traffic information, making it useful at the crowded
lower altitudes, but also higher up. Reception at 2000 feet AGL is great and almost 100% coverage is observed at 3000 feet AGL. Even at 5000 feet AGL, stable coverage is observed for European countries varying from 69% to just below 95%.

Physical Traffic Receivers

Note that internet traffic does not replace physical traffic receivers like the SkyEcho 2. However, with EasyVFR, you can receive both the SkyEcho and SafeSky internet traffic simultaneously. EasyVFR will prefer the SkyEcho traffic data
and add what is missing from the SafeSky data, combining the best from both worlds.

Free Trial

Simply obtain the SafeSky traffic information in EasyVFR for free for the first 30 days, by navigating to the status card, and traffic menu and tapping ‘Get traffic from SafeSky’.

Once the free trial is completed, simply obtain the SafeSky premium add-on via the EasyVFR webshop.

Share without license

Even without the SafeSky premium, you can share your location with SafeSky by enabling: ‘Share own location with SafeSky’, to make other aviators aware of your position.

Set aircraft callsign

Inside the ‘EasyVFR’ menu, ‘Aircraft menu’ and ‘Aircraft Details’ page, set your aircraft callsign to prevent seeing yourself
on the moving map and receive traffic warnings.


Now, you can use EasyVFR’s clear and interactive map and, with the help of SafeSky, see traffic to increase your situational awareness during flight.