Many aviators use their air navigation app's in different use cases wherein the information they want to see on the map varies. Therefore, in EasyVFR 4 you not only have a single map where you do all the Flight Planning and Navigation on.

You now have the ability to benefit from three Map Presets for your most common use cases and easily "swap" between those.

By default, you have a Navigation Map, a NOTAMs Map, and a Weather Map. You swap between the presets by simply swiping over the menu's buttons bar. You can also select a preset via the Map Layer menu.

In order to make these presets fit perfectly for your three most common use cases. In the Map Layer menu, you can enable and disable per Map Preset any Map Layer as you prefer.

In order to make the focus layers stand out even better; the NOTAMs Map and the Weather Map have an extra trick in their sleeve. Contrary to the Navigation Map, which is in full color, they use for the base map a chromatic-color-scheme.