Auto Updates, and interval coloring schema

The download intervals used for the various items are:

Auto Update  interval ORANGE RED
NOTAMs hourly 30 minutes 60 minutes
METARs half-hourly     15 minutes 30 minutes
TAFs two-hourly 60 minutes 120 minutes
GAFOR hourly 30 minutes 60 minutes
EURWX 4 hourly 120 minutes   240 minutes

Within each download interval, EasyVFR4 considers half the interval time as "might be interesting to do a manual download", and we use the orange color for that.

  • So when an item is GREEN in that download menu, then it has been downloaded less than half the download interval time ago.
  • When an item is ORANGE then it's downloaded more than half the download time ago, and it might be interesting to force a manual download.
  • When an item is RED the download is longer the assigned interval ago, and EasyVFR4 should trigger the auto-download real soon (within a minute).

You can always update manually the data between the automatic update times by tapping the colored text in the Downloads Menu.


Disable/ Enable Automatic Updates

If you (temporarily) do not need EasyVFR4 to update automatically you can disable this in the Downloads Menu.

Having [Automatic Updates] disabled does result in that you have to update every datatype individually by tapping its name in the [Downloads Menu]. You have to remember yourself to update manually every time you need to have the latest data available. If you want to stay on the safe side, you can always keep [Automatic Updates] enabled.