For Pro and FFM subscribers

All Pro and FFM EasyVFR 4 users will have access to all EuroControl Airport VFR Plates by default! Georeferenced on the moving map so you see your own position on the plate.


VFR Plate usage

Georeferenced VFR airport plates on the EasyVFR 4 moving map allow for more convenient execution of your flight.

  • Tab on, or anywhere near an airport of choice to see the available VFR airport plates.
  • Tab on the plates in the bottom left of the screen to download them, if they have not been downloaded yet.
  • Tab on the downloaded plates directly to make it show up on the map.

The georeferencing feature of EasyVFR 4 opens the plates on the moving map and positions them at the right location, with the right scale. This allows you to see where you are on the VFR plate during the flight.

  • Tab on the plates again to make it disappear.


Open as PDF

The VFR plates can also be accessed via the airport information window, by pressing the PDF button in the Airport Information Widnwo. The plate name and version number are displayed inside the plate icons. From here, the VFR plates can also be opened on or removed from the EasyVFR moving map.

  • To inspect the VFR airport plates in detail, press the PDF button in the airport summary window that pops up after having opened a VFR plate on the moving map.
  • Navigate back from the PDF viewer to EasyVFR using the ‘back to EasyVFR’ button.


Third-party VFR Plates

All public AIP VFR airport plates from Eurocontrol are available in EasyVFR4 by default. For some countries, third-party plates are available as paid add-ons in the EasyVFR webshop. Some of the available Airport Plates add-ons are:

Visit the EasyVFR shop to order add-ons and find other recently added VFR plate subscriptions.


Airport area on the moving map

Some airports may not have VFR plates available whatsoever. In this case, the basic EasyVFR4 moving map already displays all the necessary airport information: the airport runway, taxiways, buildings, and area. The airport area is built up from the extensive EasyVFR database.


Download plates along an active route

In the case of an active route, VFR airport plates along the route are not downloaded automatically. The status card shows that not all data is up to date. In the Status card, data menu, tab on ‘Plates along route’ to download the missing VFR plates.