1 - Setup the specific InfoFields

  • Select menu->System ->Layout Infofields
  • Tap&hold on the central [+] button, and drag it to a convenient location:
  • Tap on the right side of the dragged button (where it lists [SETUP]). Now a dropdown with InfoField options is shown. Scroll down until you can select [Electronic conspicuity Device Status]; a second InfoField can later be set-up to set [GPS status]:
  • Tap on the Green OK checkmark, then tap on the [OK] button to exit the InfoFields setup screen


2 - Check the GPS FIX and Traffic reception

  • Now enable FlightMode
  • The EC Status InfoField now uses color coded status information:
  • When the last traffic update has been received less than 5 seconds ago the InfoField will be coloured green. If the last traffic update is received between 5 and 10 seconds ago, the InfoField is coloured amber. If the last traffic update is received more then 10 seconds ago the InfoField is coloured red.

  • The numerical value in the InfoField represents the number of targets EasyVFR4 has received data for. Note this is the unfiltered count; depending on your set filters (menu->system->Electronic Conspicuity Settings) much less aircraft can actually be shown on the map.