Our AeroData provides fully maintained, up-to-date information, regularly updated in accordance with the AIRAC cycle. The data covers all those countries in and around Europe presently supported in EasyVFR 4 (currently spanning from Greenland* in the North West, to Finland in the North East, Ukraine* in the South East, and to Morocco and the Canaries to the South West). The following regions (which are supported in EasyVFR3 pending the upcoming expansion of our EasyVFR 4 coverage) are also included:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Israel
  • New Zealand
  • South Africa
  • USA

In addition, for the rest of the world, our AeroData provides legacy information, mostly derived from AIP sources at 31 October 2006 and not structurally maintained. It should be treated as indicative only and not relied upon as current. This data is provided to support small but growing General Aviation countries. Countries are promoted from Legacy to Fully Maintained as demand warrants.

(*Note - For Greenland, Ukraine and Bulgaria (all recent additions to EasyVFR 4 and not covered in EasyVFR 3) the AeroData is currently being transitioned from "Legacy" status to become "Fully Maintained".)

To learn where our data comes from and to check and confirm availability and currency in your local area please see easyvfr4.aero/aerodata/availability-and-coverage/