Connecting EasyVFR to SkyEcho 2 is fairly easy:

  1. Power on the SkyEcho 2 - it will activate its wifi.
  2. Connect your EasyVFR 4 device to the SkyEcho wifi network - EV4 will automatically detect and use the GPS and data from the SE2.
  3. To be sure that your SkyEcho2 is set up properly you can go with a browser (if connected to the SkyEcho wifi network) to its IP address - the receiver mode should be set to FLARM.
  4. To check and change which GPS source is used: EV4 Menu -> System -> Location (GPS) sources.
  5. To check and change the electronic conspicuity settings: EV4 Menu -> System -> Electronic Conspicuity Settings.
    • Under uAvionix SkyEcho 2 - Decode FLARM position data should be set green.
      Traffic Vertical Proximity is set by default to 3000ft. You can increase this to see more, for example, to see even the higher airliners.
    • The non-bearing banners are the data SE2 receives without an exact position. They will be shown as a banner on the left of the screen with the available info. You can edit the maximum number to be shown under 'Max. Non-bearing banners'.
    • If you have a transmitter in your plane or other planes you would like to hide you can filter them under 'Callsigns to ignore'.

Optional: FLARM position license

Different than ADS-B, Flarm encrypts its position. To be able to see the Flarm position on the map you need the EasyVFR 4 Flarm license sold in our shop attached to your EasyVFR account. Due to Flarm policy, it is not possible to attach a Flarm license bought somewhere else to your EasyVFR account. The full amount you pay with us goes to Flarm.

  • To load your Flarm license to EasyVFR 4 - update the AeroData to pick up your Flarm license bought at our shop: EV4 Menu -> Downloads Menu -> AeroData Validity Info -> Update All Data.