Start SafeSky, and select the settings screen 



Select Traffic sharing


Enable GDL90 Traffic sharing, set EasyVFR as EFB application. A popup will be shown asking for a SafeSky bundle code. If you purchased the SafeSky Premium license via our shop as part of the EasyVFR Pro/SafeSky bundle then please enter the received bundle code here. 

If you licensed SafeSky Premium directly via SafeSky, just leave the popup empty Just check there is a checkmark in front of "EasyVFR" and choose [back]



Enter TAKE OFF mode in SafeSky app.


Note the vertical limitations the SafeSky app imposes! This overrules the vertical proximity settings in EasyVFR 4.


Start EasyVFR4, no additional settings are required provided EasyVFR 4 runs on the same device as the SafeSky app, or the device running EasyVFR 4 is using the same WiFi network as the device that has the SafeSky app running:


On Apple iOS and iPadOS you can tell the correct functioning of SafeSky and EasyVFR 4 by the blue background of the time at the system bar, and the number of traffic items EasyVFR4 has received over the last 30 seconds.