AvionicsData-Wireless-USB-Stick (ADS) vs. a regular memory stick

An often-heard complaint is that in order to update your SkyViews database you need to remember to prepare the regular SkyView memory stick at home before going to the airfield. The AvionicsData stick solves this by allowing to receive all your SkyViews AeroData over Wi-Fi using the  EasyVFR 4 app. Meaning that with the new AvioncsData stick you can easily update your SkyView using your smartphone or tablet that has EasyVFR 4 installed.

  • Note that the AvionicsDataStick has its own Wi-Fi network and does act as a SkyView Wi-Fi dongle. You still need that one to receive and send routes from and to your SkyView.
  • If you don't have the AvionicsData stick you can still use below's tutorial to update your regular memory stick but you will be limited to use a Windows or macOS desktop.



Send - From EasyVFR 4 to the AvionicsData(Wireless-USB)Stick


  • Frequent Flyer Membership license
    + optional 3rd-party charts and plates add-ons,
  • EasyVFR 4 installed on either tablet, mobile, laptop or desktop,
  • Internet connection,
  • and the new AvionicsData-Wireless-USB-Stick (ADS).


1 - Register your SkyView
If you have not yet registered the serial number of your master SkyView panel you can now do this within EasyVFR 4.

  • Connect your EasyVFR 4 device to a network with an internet connection.
  • Go to EasyVFR 4 menu -> Download menu -> Dynon SkyView Data Exchange.
  • Tap in the top row "Your Dynon SkyView serial number" at "Tap to Add".
  • Enter the five or six digits serial number of your master SkyView panel.
    • If you have two panels installed, enter the one from your master panel.
    • If you have entered the wrong one or need to change the registered serial number, contact the support using the blue "Ask the Team" button on the bottom right of this page.


2 - Download/ Update
Download with a single button all files you have access to with your license, onto the internal storage of the device (desktop/ tablet/ smartphone).

  • Aviation and Obstacle data
  • New and Updated Approach plates
    • All the plates that are already downloaded within EasyVFR 4.
    • Note: In order to get all plates, you need to download them first via EasyVFR 4 menu -> Downloads.
  • Chart Key file 
    • Is needed in order to decrypt the optional 3rd party charts you have purchased.
  • 3rd party Charts
    • Purchased at the EasyVFR 4 or PocketFMS webshop.
    • Can be used both for EasyVFR 4 and if you have the FFM license at your SkyView as well.


3 - And send

  • 3.a - Connect to EasyVFR4ADS Wi-Fi
    • Manually flip the switch on the AvionicsData stick to Wi-Fi. The blue led will blink until the network is ready.
    • Go to your Operating System Wi-Fi settings and connect to the EasyVFR4ADS Wi-Fi network.
    • Go back to EasyVFR 4, the data exchange page will now automatically connect to the AvionicsData-Wireless-USB-Stick. 
  • 3.b - Tap Copy to USB stick.


That's it. You can now start using the data at your SkyView. But before you do that you perhaps would like to learn a bit more about which files you now have on your AvionicsDataStick and how you can customize the.


Georeferenced airport plates and documents

...work in progress...


...work in progress...

Expert Mode

...work in progress...


Import - From USB stick to your SkyView


  • Easily accessible USB port to your master SkyView panel,
  • AvionicsData stick.


...work in progress...

  • Inset the AvionicsDataStick into your master SkyViews panel front-USB-port.
  • Switch the ADS Wi-Fi off and insert the AvioncsDatastick into your SkyView front USB port.

...work in progress...





...work in progress...





...left over text....

  1. Auto-select the Dynon storage stick where the data needs to be exported to:
    1. Methode 1: Connect to EasyVFR's new Avionics Data wifi stick. This new hardware product makes it possible to update your SkyView's database from any device that runs EasyVFR 4 and will become available via our webshop soon.
    2. Methode 2: EasyVFR 4 will search for any physically inserted USB memory stick. Windows and macOS only. At Android and iOS, this method is not available.
  2. Copy all the files with a single button to the selected Dynon storage stick.